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Maddox Ford at Brio 2001 - Creating PowerPoint presentations from within Brio

David Eastwood of Maddox Ford gave a presentation at the annual Brio user conference – Brio 2001 – held October 14-21 2001. The presentation described work Maddox Ford has done linking Brio to PowerPoint.

A substantial number of BrioQuery users, particularly those in Sales and Marketing roles, will use the reports they generate as part of a PowerPoint presentation. Whilst it is relatively straightforward to export Brio report data (or an image of a chart) to an application such as PowerPoint, it can become quite complex to revise the format of the Brio report to fit into highly formatted PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, there is often a requirement to regularly update the data held in such a presentation to reflect current data.

The presentation describes an application, written using Brio 6, which can be used to create and update PowerPoint presentations. The application can create, update and format PowerPoint slides with the Brio reports being copied into Excel or Graph objects in the presentation. Users can either create new presentations based on pre-defined templates or refresh existing presentations with current data. The application uses preset defaults for layouts and formats so that the end user does not need to have extensive Brio or PowerPoint skills. Expert users can further modify the Excel or Graph objects if required.

A copy of the presentation and the sample Brio code are available for download from this site.


Download PowerPoint Presentation, Sample Brio code.
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