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Maddox Ford at Brio 2002 - A Brio Developer's JavaScript Toolkit

David Eastwood of Maddox Ford gave a presentation at the annual Brio user conference Brio 2002 held November 7-9 2002. The presentation discussed some of the JavaScript utilities used by Maddox Ford when developing Brio applications.

David described a variety of JavaScript functions that have proved useful when developing large-scale Brio Intelligence reporting applications. As well as being useful in their own right, the code presented illustrates a number of important principles that should be followed when developing JavaScript within Brio Intelligence as well as the coding standards we have used when working in JavaScript

A selection of sample code was shown, including:

  • Functions to assist automatic logon and reconnection
  • Setting data defaults in limits
  • Copying limits
  • Basic dashboard utilities
  • Showing EIS settings on reports
  • Checking results sets
  • Export to Excel via OLE

A copy of the presentation and the sample Brio code are available for download from this site.


Download PowerPoint Presentation, Sample Brio code.
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