Based on a specification by an insurance broker and designed specifically for insurance brokers, Context is unique.

It is a web-based, enterprise client/contact management solution that can be readily tailored to suit the unique way that your business operates and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems (for example, it contains integral links to Sector ).

Enterprise client management solutions enhance your customer relationships by providing easy access to essential contact information - all details and all client contact history can be made available to all users (depending on access rights) at all times.

Whether you are looking for a simple 'shrink-wrapped' solution or a sophisticated system to support multiple sales and marketing teams across various locations that is integrated with transactional systems, Maddox Ford can help.

Core Features

Context is an enterprise (SME, mid-market and large corporates) customer/prospect management solution that provides an extensive array of features as standard. Some of the features are:

  • Contact Management. Account-centric with all account/contact information and account/contact history available. Relationships are with individuals at companies rather than with individual contacts.
  • Sales Force Automation. Contact, account and opportunity life-cycle management and forecasting at all levels of the sales cycle.
  • Multiple Selection Criteria.
  • Reporting at Line of Business Level
  • Business Analytics. Pre-defined reports, forecast and sales analysis, template library for use with Crystal Reports.
  • Web-based
  • Advanced Security Options
  • Diary/Calendar Management. Multi-user views and can be synchronised with Outlook.
  • Marketing Automation. Mail-merge capabilities through Microsoft Word and email (individual and bulk)
  • Synchronisation with Laptop (option).
  • Non-proprietary code and standard relational database
  • Data Transfer. Import from text files and Excel plus integration with Sector . Data/report export to Excel.
  • Triggered Events. Creation of diary dates based on selection criteria.
  • Multiple Addresses. Multiple contacts per organisation with individual (or shared) addresses.
  • Telephony Integration. Contact lookup with some UK TAPI-compliant systems (option)
  • PDA Integration (option)
  • Telephone Preference Service (TPS) enabled. Full integration with the Direct Marketing Association's TPS plus further facilities to bar mail and email correspondence based on organisations' and contacts' preferences.
  • Hosting. Internally or externally as required.



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