TPS Integration



Under recent government legislation, it is now unlawful for an organisation to make unsolicited direct marketing calls to individuals and corporations that have registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to indicate that they do not want to receive such calls.

To reflect this legislation, Maddox Ford has implemented a module within that, nightly, automatically loads data from the Direct Marketing Associationís TPS site and checks incoming TPS data against contact telephone numbers within Context - if a match is found, appropriate flags are updated/created. These settings automatically appear throughout Context on various reports and pages and a new report is available to show contacts and companies that have registered with TPS.

Context also incorporates additional facilities to allow users to register that specific contacts and organisations have indicated a desire not to receive mail and/or email correspondence.

With compliance issues now such an important feature of everyday business activity, particularly in the financial services sector, Contextís new TPS facility addresses a major obstacle to your sales and marketing activities.




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